Sunday, September 20, 2009

Holy Cats did I get busy

So, where have I been, not here obviously, but, even though I haven't been blogging I haven't stopped talking, so lets play the recap game:

Wens: As I was running late to class (my voice teacher let me out late) I saw the girl ahead of me approaching the door. We were heading into lecture, and this girl was not from my section so we had never met.
"Hey wait," I called out, "Are you late for Modes too?"
"Yeah, I forgot to pick up my equipment, and by the time class ends the place would be closed, so I had to go now, but of course, now I'm late"
"If we go in together maybe they won't notice how late we are,"
"Strength in numbers and all that"
"Shall we go in"
she laughed, and then we quietly opened the door and crept in, all sneaky like.

Thurs: Alas, Thursday's encounter was a basic "oh life" conversation held in line to purchase a soda. The girl and I discussed how shocking it was to discover that it has been almost a month since school started, and how fast time moves, along with speculating about the game that was to be played this weekend. Sadly the details elude me. Here is a problem with tardy blogging, you forget the interesting details of conversations. However, I will note that being at a sports centered school makes forming a conversations with other students easier than other places. If I have nothing else to say I can always say, "Did you see that game/Are you going to the game?" Who knows what I am going to do when football season ends.

Fri: Friday had an interesting non verbal exchange. I was walking across campus when I saw a student fixedly looking at the sky, he was in the middle of the sidewalk just staring into the sky, and people were walking around him. For the most part just pretending her wasn't there.
Not me, I stopped, about five steps from him, and I too turned and looked at the sky. I didn't see anything, but I kept looking. Then I looked back at him. He looked back at me smiled, and looked back to the sky. I returned my gaze skyward, still missing whatever it was that he was staring at, but he seemed to appreciate the companionship. Then suddenly, he stopped, we made eye contact, he nodded, and walked away. It was very mysterious, ish.
Also on Friday, I spoke to a girl in my Infant development class, who I had never spoken to before, and discovered that she is also in my psychopharmocology class. We discussed our upcoming exams (both ID and Psypharm have one this week) and how the Psypharm teacher's accent reminds us of Antonio Bandaras (my first movie crush, Zorro, handsome, daring, not exactly law abiding) and how sometimes it makes it a touch hard to concentrate.

Sat: So this might be cheating, because it wasn't just me involved. John and I had gone to pick up food (a sort of late lunch/early dinner thing) when the guy in the resturant told us to turn on the Iowa game on the car radio. We asked which station, and I asked the score. He told us the score, the station, said go hawks, and then we said thanks, and turned on the game to make him happy. I don't really know if this counts, as John did as much talking as I did, but because it was Saturday I didn't really go anywhere except for some filming and editing, and watching stuff in preparation for the emmys. I didn't really go out enough to find myself a stranger. Sad I know

Sun: So now we have arrived at today, nothing super exciting, I made small talk when I went to the IMU to capture with a janitor about to clean the bathroom. I asked about the game, and what event was going on in the ballroom a few feet from us. It was a very general conversation, but again I didn't much outside world time today, with filming (we filmed a pool scene today, thank you for being willing to get in the water even though it was overcast and chilly, you are awesomes about averages, so thanks) and trying to recover the mess that the DM Recruitment video has turned into.

On that note. I am in charge of putting together all the videos for Dance Marathon this year, and the videos were going great. All I had to do to be finished was to finish popping in the newer interviews, touch up some facts, and we would be ready to print. Unfortunately, some of the archive footage from last years event was in standard definition instead of high definition so now I have to go through and refind everything and basically reconstruct the whole thing. I kinda want to scream. It is really frustrating, because I was really excited about it when I started, and all my wind is out of my sails being back at square one. I feel like Odysseus, and my men just opened the bag of wind. Back to the island, though, unlike the king, the DM people are being really understanding. Thank god, they are amazing, but I am going to do my best to trun around ASAP.


  1. ok - what is "capture with a janitor"?

  2. Or does this mean capture a janitor? Does he do your bathroom? If this is the case, maybe you should capture a cook, a secretary, an accountant, a social planner....
    ps. This is from Cathy (your confirmation sponsor, aka the OTHER church lady ;-)