Saturday, September 12, 2009

A New Challenge

So, I realized something today, sometimes I do nothing, for a whole day.  Not a big deal right, unless you are trying to meet strangers. Then it could be a problem.

Unless they're trapped in your broom closet or something, then again it would at least give you a way to break the ice, "Hi nice to meet you, how the hell did you get in my house?!"

Seriously though, when you spend your saturday watching a Lost marathon how are you supposed to come across strangers?  I mean, I guess I could've ordered delivery, imported my strangers from a pizza place or something.  But I didn't.

And I thought that I might miss today, which would be pretty disappointing missing a day on day 3, how would that look , luckily, we went in to edit.

For those of you who don't know, I work on a TV show for the university station.  Its pretty awesome.  And we spend a lot of time filming, editing etc.

So anyway, we've been editing a while and I decide that I feel the need for caffeine.

And down to the IMU quickstore I go.

I approach the counter, noticing that the clerk has a sudoku tucked mostly out of sight behind the cash register.

"Slow day," I ask
"Incredibly," she replies
"Have you been working all day, or did you get to see some of the game?"

(Interesting note, I actually did not see any of the Iowa vs Iowa State game, but I had seen the final score on Facebook, so I knew enough)

"I came in at one, so I got to watch most of it"
"That's good, the final score was 35-3"
"Tell me about it"
"A friend of mine who goes there was giving us shit the other day"
"I guess we showed them"
"I guess, have a nice day"
"You too, I hope things pick up around here"

And that was that, it was not a particularly stimulating conversation, in fact the only amusing thing about it was that I had not seen any of the game in question (I know, what kind of Iowa girl am I) but there was Lost to watch (I'm trying to catch up, and I've almost finished season 2)

I am, however, impressed that I managed to meet anyone at all today, as my main intention was to just chill at home, and even when I am editing, we are usually in the office and don't go out amongst the rest of the IMU.

It gives me pause, because I realize that under the rules for the project I will not have the opportunity to never leave the house for a full day.  Never have the chance to not get dressed, just stay in pj's and read a book.  My world is changing, it requires traveling out of doors, venturing forth for no reason, making unnecessary trips to grocery stores in hopes of bumping to someone in the pasta aisle so that I can make a comment on how funny the names of spaghetti are.

Basically, I need to only buy one item from the supermarket at a time, then I will always have a reason to go out and meet people.  Or I could go to social places, like coffee shops, though honestly I very rarely find friendly people in coffee shops.  Maybe its a caffeine deficiency on their part, but everyone always seems hassled or in the mood to keep to themselves.

But yeah, that's today's post, sorry it wasn't more exciting, just a cashier in a general market, living life, working hard, waiting to go home

Until we speak again remember, jam is one of the few things in life that really only has one purpose, to go on toast.

Seriously, no puts jam on apples, or a baked potato, just toast, maybe a muffin, but thats still in the toast family

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