Monday, September 14, 2009



I didn't post yesterday, it kinda slipped my mind.

See, yesterday was video boot camp for SVP (student video productions), we held a training day where we covered a basic introduction to all the aspects of video production.  There was an introduction to using the HD cameras, a how to for Final Cut editing software, and lighting.  Because I am on staff I was leading one of the sections, lighting to be specific, along with one of my fellow staff members.  We spent the whole day discussing what lights means, how to change the feel of the scene using lighting differently, how to set up lights, and basic etiquette with equipment and content

It was a long day, and I missed the free pizza because I took too long after striking the equipment we used, so me and my roommate grabbed some fast food on the way home.

I don't know what went wrong, whether it was something wrong with the chicken, or me just not being quite right, but I got ill, like gross ill.

My roommate went back in to edit, deadlines wait for no man, and I crashed on my bed with Shakespeare's Henry IV, it drifted through my mind that I hadn't blogged yet, but I couldn't seem to get up and take care of it, and then it slipped free from my mind and I didn't think about it until about 20 mins ago.

The sad thing is that I actually had a pretty funny encounter to tell you all.

See, my partner for the boot camp and I decided that compared to using HD equipment and special effects in editing, lighting might seem kinda lame.

So we did what any logical person who needs approval does.  We went to get bribes.  He went home to get movies with cool lighting to show, (Sin City for cool noir lighting, Slumdog Millionaire for cool ways to use overexposure and natural light) and I went to get candy.

Maybe I over did it, I just knew that if we ran out it would suck for everyone who didn't get any, and I got both chocolate candy and non because some people (crazy people) don't like chocolate.  Basically, I had a ton of candy spilling from my hands.

Anyway, I got to the checkout line and dumped my load of candy on the counter.  The cashier gave me a look.

"It's not what you think," I said
"Sometimes people just need sugar, it's OK" he laughed
"No, it's not for me, see I'm leading a class thing today, and I'm afraid of being boring, so I'm bringing bribes"
"Of course, that would have been my second guess"
"Of course"
"Well, good luck"
"Thanks, as long as they like candy I think things will be OK"
"Who doesn't like candy?"
"Crazy people"

Not a particularly long exchange, but an amusing one, and the guy was still laughing as I left the store.

In case you were wondering, I think the bribes did help, and we all had a good time, until the chicken of doom of course.

Hopefully this won't happen again, both the late post, and death by chicken.

Anyway, I will see you again later today, hopefully with another entertaining tidbit of life

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