Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sometimes people disappear... It happens

So, where have I been, I know it's been a while, some days you get home, and you're just too tired to get on the computor. Plus for some reason I appear to have adopted cold for the last month.

Good news is that I haven't stopped meeting people, in fact I have met some people who I would consider celebrities in my world (read here as nerdy sub-culture things). First was the afternoon when two guys showed up at the SVP (student video productions) office to just say hey.

Sidebar: SVP is an organization for which I co-produce a TV show called Fallout see for a really awesome summary of this season so far, if you're interested.

Anyway, back to the strangers in the office, turns out they used to be on staff when they were at school here, and had been in town that morning to give a talk about working in video in today's world. I couldn't go because I had class, but I had heard about the talk. However, I didn't know this at the time, so I just started talking to them. Then we got to talking and I discovered that they work in post production (the people who fix color and sound) for College Humor, as in all those funny videos, such as Hardly Working, Extreme Gym Class, Photobooth, etc. Which is really really cool, because not only am I a huge fan of College Humor, I also want to go into color correction, something about trying to get the whites the same color, white with a green tone vs. white with pink, it's very fun, in an OCD kinda way.

But I digress, so I got to meet two guys who work in the field that I want to go into, but these guys were pretty cool, we talked about what SVP was like when they were in it, budget struggles, studio space struggles, all nighters, they just got a pullout chair that turns into a bed. It was a really great afternoon.

But alas, cool as that was, it was topped.

Johnathon Coulton, internet musician of random awesomeness, singer of such great songs as:

Code Monkey, RE:Your Brains, Mandelbrot Set, Skullcrusher Mountain, Creepy Doll, I Feel Fantastic

and countless others, was in the student union playing at some alumni's of business dinner thing (I wasn't invited, heard his music and hovered in the doorway, until one of the servers told me that I could come in because dinner was over and most people had left) and there he was, standing on the stage, strumming his guitar, singing Skullcrusher Mountain, (I made this half pony half monkey monster to please you... what's with all the screaming, you like pony's you like presents, maybe you don't like monsters so much, maybe I used to many monkeys...)

so yeah, I slowly worked my way toward the stage, moving from table to table, where I discovered I was not the only intruder. So I walked up to him, "You aren't supposed here either are you?"

He looked shocked (later he told me he thought I was kicking him out) and I sat down next to him, "me too"

So we sat and listen to him do a few songs, and called him back to do an encore, and then the show ended, and I watched him leave the stage, "Why not," my brain said,"might as well go for it," so I walked right up to him and said, "Sorry to bother you, but I'm kind of a hue fan,"

"Don't apologize for that, really being a fan is nothing to be sorry" he smiled and we talked a bit, about music, how I ended up at the show, I got someone to take my picture with him on my phone and recorded a video of him talking to someone else I know.

It was pretty awesome. I am super happy, the strangers project is having some pretty cool benefits.

However, I have also met a creepy strangers.

Not like in a dark alley or bar or something, I know better, in sketchy/uncertain situations always listen to your gut, you actually have the same type of cells from your brain near your stomach/intestines, so gut feelings are actually coming from your interic brain.

So I wouldn't have spoken to this guy in a less controlled environment, but as it is, it feels pretty harmless.

See, during my lunch break at work I usually go across the street to get a soda from the gas station, lately the same cashier is always working, he shall here be know as Creeper Scott.

The first time I saw Creeper Scott was through the window of the gas station, he was looking at me, like actually watching me. Now I know I'm super gorgeous, but lets face it, I was wearing jeans and a grungy sweatshirt (it's really dusty at my work, so you can't wear anything you actually care about) I did not look my best, or even average, just tired and dusty. Still he gave me an odd smile as I walked in. He looked as I assume one would look after a life of drugs, booze, lack of sleep, and being ugly. If you have ever seen The Practice he reminded me of the character William Hinks.

He asked if I worked nearby, I answered, we chit chatted a bit, and I went back to work. Ever since then he always asks some small questions or another, also, he usually finds an excuse to come and straighten the chip display behind me while I get a soda. Honestly it is a little creepy, but again, as long as there is a counter between us and it isn't a sketchy situation it isn't a problem.

But yeah, so these are the most memorable of my strangers, though I've still had plenty of the regular ones, you know, what's up in your life, what do you think about sports, etc.

But hopefully now I will work my way back to regular updates

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