Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Year

Hey all,

I'm back, and here's a story

So I've mentioned Creeper Scott, works at the gas station across from my work, kinda creepy, but friendly.

Well today I went to get a soda from the gas station, and he was cleaning the area by the soda machine.

"How are you today?" he asks

"Pretty good, I guess" I answer refilling my pop, "You?"

"Eh, I'm at work, how good can things be?" He answers

"True, true" I finish and move to the counter, "Just a refill, thanks"

"Caitlin's cup please don't throw out?" he says, reading what I wrote on my cup (to prevent it from being thrown out).

"Yeah, if you don't put a note on it they throw it out, and it's inconvenient to keep buying them."

"Well, no charge then," he answers, "Since you've had to buy replacements before"

"Thanks" I said, and left.

The key to life, I am learning, is play nice with everyone, and they will play nice with you

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